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It’s travelling that Laurent discovered the psytrance family in 95… Since then, from the dancefloor to the studios, he has been an additional force for the producers and djs… in 1999 he became the connection person for the project Biodegradable and established a good number of contacts in the global trance scene, which he used to help launch the project CPU in 2002… Since then, he is a member of the family of Nutek Records. In 2005, he moved to Central America, organizing parties, playing as a dj and sensing that the area Costa Rica - Panama (and Colombia) was one of the next stops for the psychedelic circus extravaganza… Today, with our network expanding worldwide, the creation of Nutek Japan, Nutek Ibiza and Nutek America, Laurent is our representative for South and Central America. His mission includes developing our presence in this part of the world, making sure that local actors in the trance scene know about the Nutek Records community, catalogue, sound design uniqueness, and leading artists. That includes playing our sounds in parties as dj Supertramp, from chill out to full on…


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