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Starspine is one of South Africa's pioneering psytrance dj's. He has been playing since 1997 and played for all the major festivals and promotors in South Africa such as Vortex, Alien Safari, Solipse festival, Zambia, Solar Eclipse Festival 2002, Omni Festival in Spain and Hadra Festival in France. He also had a residency at the famous Johannesburg techno club G.A.S.S. He was a label dj for Alchemy records since their inception and released the compilation Wild Life: Surfing on Soundwaves through them. Currently he is a label dj and graphic designer for Nutek Records and does design work for Tristan, Avalon, Mekkanikka, Earthling to name a few. He has also just finished compiling the next Nutek VA - Echoes to Infinity. In addition he has also been producing for as long as he's been playing trance and formed one half of the duo Bent Sentient. They pioneered the South African sound and were the first SA psytrance act to enjoy international exposure, with releases on UK label Alchemy Records, Candyflip (GR), Digital Psionics (OZ), Sundance records (OZ) and South African labels such as Afrogalactic and Nano. He specialises in playing fresh high energy daytime sets but is also know to lay down some pretty wicked night sets. His sets very much focus on groove, funk and energy, always taking the listener on a journey and weaving a story guaranteed to make you smile.


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