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BIOGRAPHY: ------------------- In 1998 Anneli became the first female DJ touring Sweden, when she found that she could combine her passion for electronic music with work and began playing Acid-Techno at nightclubs in Sweden. Already in 1994 she discovered the electronic dance music in an underground Goatrance-party! Nowadays she plays Minimal Tech/Prog/Electro-House around 128 BPM or Psytrance 135 -145 BPM (progressive and full-on combined), the style depends on the organizer's demands and of course on the people on the dancefloor. She believes that there is good music in every genre, it just takes time to find. She is always looking for tracks 'that are different from the rest' using 'surprising changes of directions'. This open-minded and inovative thinking is one of her strengths, together with focus on the most important part of the DJ's job - to COMMUNICATE with the crowd - achieve an understanding of what they want to hear without exchanging a single word! LABELS & RELEASES: ------------------------------- Anneli joined NUTEK RECORDS in 2010 after being label DJ for the legendary psytrance label Phantasm Records since 2006, which also released Anneli's own compilation - '10 Years of Communication' - to celebrate her 10th anniversary as a DJ 2009! It included 'My Time' a track Anneli co-produced with Takashi and Isao (aka Indigo) in their studio in Japan!!! In 2012 Anneli got the honor to compile and mix the DESTINATION GOA vol.12 - The Last Chapter. The last release ever from this series, which is said to be one of the most sold CD-compilations in the world when it comes to Goa-/Psy-trance!!


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V.A. - Destination Goa 12 - The Last Chapter

V.A. - 10 Years Of Communication
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