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Raul Jordan was born in 1978 in Valencia, Spain. After some years producing Psychedelic Trance as PSYCHO ABSTRACT, in 2004 Raul began a new project focused in ambient & Down Tempo music under the project's name: LAB'S CLOUD. - 2005 the track "Esmeralda" appears on Chillum 4 (Agitato Recs. - Israel) creating a great interest in many chillout labels. - 2006 Lab's Cloud signs another track with 3DVision ( France ) and two new tracks with Ma Faiza for her label, Masti Music ( India). - 2008 track included in Psylove Compilation. - 2009 sign two tracks for Altar Records (Canada). - 2010 another track signed for Uxmal Recods (Mexico). - 2011 Organic Mathematics, the first Lab's Cloud album it's released by Altar records and two tracks signed with Nutek chill. STYLE: Sweet, riding, floating, beautiful and delicious music oriented to chill outs, with space atmospheres, a smooth organic ride, some chilling vocals, some ethnic sounds and a touch of real instruments (percussion, guitars..etc). A definite trip for the soul. LIVE ACTS: Making authentic Live appearances, Raul has obtained a respect within the psychedelic scene, playing with a long list of international artists, mentioning them would be a long task... Since several years, Raúl is working as R+D engineer, developing profesional audio processors (EQ, Limiters, crossover...) for VMB Española. Actually with his experience as sound engineer is offering his mastering services (Abstract Studios).


Releases On Nutek

Essentials - vol. 2

NUCH008 / 2015-01-26

Next step

NUCH002 / 2013-02-11
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