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KUKAN-DUB-LAGAN is the project of Itay Berger. the name project is a combination of three separate words: KUKAN, which means"space" in japanese; DUB which represents the music style; and, LAGAN, comes from the word "ba-lagan" which in hebrew means "chaos". Kukan dUb Lagan twisting & manipulating the sound all around the world for 20 years, with crunchy beats and crispy rhythms, pushing the creativity forward all the time. His unique music style can be best described as psy-chill free dub. In simpler words "sunshine music for smiling people... KUKAN-DUB-LAGAN / SORIAN are the projects of Itay Berger. Itay is 37 years old ,located in Barcelona, spain. He has been listening to electronic music since he was 16 years old. He spent over 3 years working as a sound engineer in one of the top sound and light companies in israel. His decision to make music was strongly influenced by his trip to Ibiza in 1997-8. At that time he also started to dj in Israel and abroad at mostly underground parties . Itay's general musical influences are wide-ranging. His journey into chill-out djing started in 2002 in Israel. During that time he was also signed by a UK techno-house label ( under the name DJ Itay for a year and flew to Japan to play at parties in Osaka and Kyoto. Returning back to Israel, he enrolled to sound engineering college for one year and totally committed himself to music composition. Drawing from his djing experience, his early family musical influences as well as his own musical background he created his chill-out project : KUKAN-DUB-LAGAN.


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