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Heather “Fluteyloops” is a Music Producer and Musician (Flutes / Saxophone / Keys / Clarinet) based in the UK. She has always had a passion for music from many different genres and cultures. She obtained a Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Cape Town, SA & has performed and recorded with numerous people, exploring her creativity within a broad cross spectrum of styles. She has performed both locally and internationally, and has played at a host of high profile Music Festivals with Dj's and Electro/Live Bands. She is happiest free styling over funky grooves and chillout soundscapes, and has been a regular performer at functions and events in her DJ & Live Musician Collaborations & different Bands.
​Heather is most at home in her “Fluteyloops” capacity, where she explores and weaves musical tapestries, drawing from world instruments and soundscape energies. Music is a magical journey which enfolds for the performer as well as the listener, and holds space for joy, healing, ecstasy and reflection. In music we are all One.
She Performs, Produces, Mixes and Masters all her tracks, and creates a range of styles from Ambient Chillout, Jazzy Dancefloor to energizing World Trance
Heather is a Co-Music Producer/Composer & Musician with the Chillout Lounge Duo "Dreamweavers". Their music is available for streaming and download on all platforms. Heather has also composed Soundtracks for Short Films, one of which won awards at the Berlin ScFi Film Festival and Moscow Film Festival, as well as a semi finalist in the LA CineFest 2019. Heather has also created soundtracks for Children's TV program series.


Releases On Nutek

Lotus floating

NUCH066 / 2020-10-26

Spirit of raja

NUCH060 / 2020-05-11
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