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Alexandre Cortez Created Ashnaia Project in the Island of Ibiza 2010 Producing Psytrance From 2001 in Portugal Where he lived 10 Years of his Life, He started Ashnaia Project in 2010 as a new experiment for his music...the first rule for this project was..No Rules! and it all started from then, First Release From Alex Was Out There!..So he just kept producing music with no rules fusioning Dub Vibes with Indian Chants and Ethnic Instruments, Long and deep Baselines, Strings & Classic Pianos In 2013 he released Ancient Knowledge Track as a Free Download and many New Followers and music connections stated to come.. Working Hard He Released From 2013 more than 40 Tracks on Different Labels Like Dropland Rec,Nutek-Chill Rec, Neurobiotic Rec, Sting Rec and on his Bandcamp, Now He Is Trying to Reach his Dreams making a Living of his Biggest Passion...MUSIC So Lets See How it Goes From Now ;) Alex Background Alex, born in Switzerland in 1983 and live in Portugal for many years where he met very good psytrance artists like Mindmanipulation, Audialize/John Lead, Suria and more. Even back then he was very much connected to music since he comes from a family of talented musicians. Very soon he started to develope his own talent by the use of his dad's computer. Despite the technological slowness of his machines, he was able to learn most of the fundamentals. A few years on in 1999 he was old enough to start following other artists and he start going to parties and spending time in studios. Soon he learned the Portuguese way psytrance is made and it has just taken on from there. He has a very strong sense of melody and harmony and his music is therefore capable of taking us back in time and help us remember how the music was also cool back then. Alex now resides in Ibiza, where his contact with the scene there has refined his music and transported it into actuality with new synths and deep baselines Keep On Chilling Beautiful Souls


Releases On Nutek


NUCH017 / 2015-09-21

Languages from space

NUCH016 / 2015-05-25
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